A video demonstration for this topic can be found at Funeral Results Marketing

  1. Login to your Wistia video account
  2. Under Project Actions, go to Upload and select your video
         (note: for best results use h.264 format, between 640 px and 1280 px wide, 2000-5000 kbps bitrate)
  3. Wait while your uploaded video processes into a web-viewable format
  4. Under Video Actiions > Customize > Appearance and set the Thumbnail
  5. Click Save
  6. Under Video Actions > Embed and Share > set Video Size > choose Embed Type (iframe recommended) then click
  7. Copy to copy the HTML code
  8. Go to the Page / Obit that you want to embed the video in (make sure that you are in the TEXT / HTML area). Put your cursor where you want the video to be paced and Past the code
         Optional: To center the video, use <center>[VIDEO CODE]</center>
  9. Click Update / Save button to publish the updated page